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A cello by Gaetano Vinaccia (Naples 1886) PDF Print E-mail

The oldest lute-makers in Naples are the Vinaccia family: the first instruments bearing Gennaro Vinaccia’s signature have labels dating around 1710, whereas the last pieces, made by Gaetano himself, date back to 1914.

The family’s shop has always been in Naples, in Rua Catalana, number 46. Like all Neapolitan lute-makers the Vinaccias made both plucked string instruments (mandolins and guitars) and bowed string instruments. To make their bowed string instruments they used the model of Gagliano family (founders of the Neapolitan lute school). Gaetano Vinaccia, grandfather of the maker of our cello, is considered the inventor of the Neapolitan mandolin, made in 1744. His bowed string instruments (violins and cellos) are also very much in request and are quoted with those by Gagliano, Fabbicatore, Calace etc. His grandson Gaetano, last of the dynasty, made mainly mandolins and guitars. Making bowed string instruments was, for his shop and business, an exceptional event and the greatest care and attention was put into it. This is shown by the dedication written with ink inside the resonating chamber, under the board, saying:" For the Holy Immaculate Virgin – Gaetano Vinaccia made this – Naples 1886"

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